Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A thought...

A thought on Good Friday 2011.
During the 3.00pm liturgy of Good Friday, this year, I had unusual experience, unlike any other Good Friday experiences."Were you there when they Crucified my Lord?"sang the choir over and over and during this, I wept and wept. Not just a little tear welling up, or watery eyes but gushing tears of anguish. This continued and continued. I had a sadness unlike any other sadness I have known.  I also heard another person (man whom I did not know) also sobbing loudly. His sobs sounded so anguished.
And later I started thinking about this. "Yes" I was there when they crucified my Lord.  I was there in His very human body. I was a cell in His body. He took me into Gethsemani with Him. He took me into the Sanhedran with Him. He took me into the scourging courtyard with Him. He took me onto the Cross with Him. He took me into death with Him.
Yes I was there and now I have to live out my experience of Gethsemani,scourging,Sanhedran, and death-but I have already been there with Him He has accompanied me through them. I love you Lord.